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"...a sketch-comedy-based farce that follows the unlikely birth and excessively ridiculous mishaps of the titular Barabbas, a secondary character in the Christ story. If you think this echoes the irreverent path of Monty Python’s Life of Brian, you would be close to right... the capacity crowd I sat with loved it." - Cincinnati Citybeat


"It will have you questioning everything you ever knew...  I want you all to know that even as I wrote this, I was still laughing uncontrollably. I also felt a little ashamed. I’m sure my grandmother wouldn’t be able to look me in the face right now." - ArtsWave Guide



Mike Sherman, Director

Jim Stump, Costumer

Hunter Spoede, Sound Designer





Mike Moskowitz

Rodger Pille

Lisa DeRoberts

Mike Dennis

Randy Lee Bailey

Lormarev Jones

Maggie Lou Rader*

Kendall Young

Rory Sheridan

Kaleb King

*Actors Equity Association





the gospel of barabbas

a play

Who smokes a lot of weed, drives a Chevy Astro and was pardoned by the Jews instead of Jesus? It’s Barabbas! The Big Lebowski meets ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD in an absurd adventure through biblical Israel, alongside Trudy of Nazareth, and their buddy Manuel, the satanically-possessed pig. Warning: offensive for all audiences.


Past Productions: Cincinnati Fringe Festival (2018)

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