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"It's got some great comedic moments... I enjoyed it immensely... Hall has written a script that tells a story of heartbreak, regret and principle - and one that earned a standing ovation." - Cincinnati Citybeat


"The script is well-written and, while not a comedy, it has a fair share of laughs and offers some biting commentary on today's social norms... an interesting and engaging story well-told." - Behind The Curtain Cincinnati





Greg Procaccino, Director

Bob Allen, Makeup Design





Mike Hall






an apocalyptic monologue

A zombie has been taken captive and somehow brought back from...well, zombiehood? Zombieness? Zombesia? Anyway, whenever we talk about the zombie apocalypse, we never consider that a zombie might have a story to tell. As with any story, there are a lot of inaccuracies. But what this zombie knows might just be the cure to ending the world's greatest humanitarian crisis. ...or he might hold the answer to eradicating gingivitis. That might still be a win.


Past Productions: Cincinnati Fringe Festival (2015)

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