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Critics Pick – “a sci-fi drama that grapples with reality, collective memory and morality…  Wonderfully weird and unabashedly absurd, it’s worth a watch – and a post-show discussion with whomever you see it.” – Cincinnati Citybeat

“…an unexpectedly entertaining and thoughtful exploration of the Harambe “mythology” that has emerged in Cincinnati (and elsewhere) since the gorilla’s death… But determinism and fate vs. free will are not the main focuses of the play… why couldn’t a tranquilizer have been used, what was the mom doing… Stan wonders whether it’s instead the case that “all life is equally valuable.” – National Review 



Joshua Steele, Director

Cathy Ross, Costumer

Kevin Semancik, Sound Designer

Greg Glevicky, Graphic Design





Randy Lee Bailey

Maya Norman

Cathy Ross

Brant Russell

Chris Stewart

Sarah Zaffiro





a play

Cincinnati shocked the planet in 2016 with the tragic death of a rare gorilla. Equipped with knowledge from the future and countless chances to intervene, could the outcome have changed?  Memento meets Rashomon in an exploration of the nature of fact, expertise, and shared morality in the “fake news” era. 


Past Productions: Cincinnati Fringe Festival (2021)

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