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a play

At one time, the numbers of the Sumatran Rhinoceros were in the thousands. The count has now dwindled to under a hundred. Our conservation efforts are being met with criticism, as there are ethical concerns, and we would like an opportunity to answer them. Please attend our conference as we explore the aspects of these issues and explain why this species is so vital. 


Past Productions: Cincinnati Fringe Festival (2017)



"Sumatran Rhino is part nature documentary, part family drama with enough Fringe-y twists and shocking surprises to delight the audience... It’s Hall’s writing, however, that puts this one over the top. He’s a smart playwright who knows how to surprise an audience in unexpected ways. He also knows how to shock by taking things to the boundary and inching ever so slowly over it. And sometimes he just drops a bomb that takes us all barreling over the line. It’s great unpredictable fun." - Cincinnati Citybeat




Greg Procaccino, Director




Burgess Byrd*

Darnell Pierre Benjamin*

*Actors Equity Association





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